2NE1 Lonely (Single) Lyrics

This song become too addictive for me…

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Beast – The Fact (Fiction and Fact)

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BEAST : Fiction lyrics

What an new awesome single from BEAST.I just LOVE it.

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FT Island Return : I Must Confess

B2ST Fiction lyrics

Another single from B2ST..After Rainy Days,they came out with Fiction.Different from the previous song,this song is more mature than B2ST has sang..


ajik nan neol itji motago
modeun geol da mitji motago
ireoke neol bonaeji motago oneuldo.

dasi mandeureobolge uri iyagi
kkeutnaji anke aju ginagin
salgacheul pago seumyeodeuneun
sangsilgameun jamsi mudeodulge
saero sseo naeryeoga sijageun
haengbokhage utgo inneun neowa na nega nal
tteonaji motage baegyeongeun
chulguga eomneun jobeun bang an

amureochi anke nege kiseuhago
dalkomhan neoui gyeoteul tteonagajil motae
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Infinite : Can U Smile



This is another ballad song that I like after Beast-Rainy Days.I like the chorus part.And can you smile?lalalala~~~.This is my second favourite songs from Infinite after Nothings Over.

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Beast :Rainy Days (Digital Single)

Beast release their latest single titled Rainy Days before they release their first album Fiction and Fact.I love this song because although this a ballad song from Beast,they manage to put the emotion on this song and I love the chorus part especially.For your information Beast will release their album on 17th May and make sure you be the first to hear their songs.

beast rainy days
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Feeling Sad OST Jungle Fish 2


The Jungle Fish 2 drama have their own meaning.I love the story line because it different from the other kdrama.It portray about the real things happen in the school environment,the family problem and even the pregnancy problem.It not only touch about love.The OST of this drama also was good and I like to hear the OST especially this song..

MBLAQ Lee Joon

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Miss A : Love Alone


Miss A have release brand new song entitled Love Alone.The song is produced by the same person who composed Jason Derulo song “Whatcha Say”.The song specially produced for Kim Yuna : Kiss and Cry which is a new variety show in SBS.I like the song because it is fully in English.Although we can’t really hear the lyrics when they sing but it is a good effort to produce a full English song.

Sing a long…

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>Glee Flash Mob!!!


I found this video when searching for glee videos in youtube, I found glee flash mob and it was awesome.For your information,flash mob is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place.About thousand of people dancing all the hits songs cover by Glee.It was amazing to see all the Gleek gather to do flash mob.Although there all not an expert dancer but when they did the dance together,it comes out amazingly.I like the part when they all dance Lady Gaga song ‘Bad Romance’.