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In order to help Japan that had been hit by Tsunami,a charity compilation album had been produced 25 March and is out on iTunes.Royalties for this album will be given to Japanese Red Crescent Society.The album consist 38 hit songs by famous artist.
Track listing
No.         Title                                                                       Artist(s)               
1.            “Imagine” (remastered)                                  John Lennon     
2.            “Walk On” (radio edit)                                   U2         
3.            “Shelter from the Storm”                               Bob Dylan           
4.            “Around the World” (live)                             Red Hot Chili Peppers   
5.            “Born This Way” (Starsmith remix)         Lady Gaga          
6.            “Irreplaceable”                                                 Beyoncé             
7.            “Talking to the Moon”                                    Bruno Mars       
8.            “Firework”                                                         Katy Perry          
9.            “Only Girl (In the World)”                           Rihanna               
10.          “Like I Love You”                                            Justin Timberlake            
11.          “Miles Away” (live)                                           Madonna           
12.          “When Love Takes Over”                             David Guetta ft Kelly Rowland         
13.          “Love the Way You Lie”                                  Eminem featuring Rihanna         
14.          “Human Touch”                                                Bruce Springsteen          
15.          “Awake” (live)                                                    Josh Groban      
16.          “Better Life”                                                       Keith Urban       
17.          “One Tribe”                                                        The Black Eyed Peas      
18.          “Sober”                                                                Pink      
19.          “It’s OK”                                                             Cee Lo Green   
20.          “I Run to You”                                                 Lady Antebellum             
21.          “What Do You Got?”                                      Bon Jovi              
22.          “My Hero”                                                         Foo Fighters      
23.          “Man on the Moon” (live)                              R.E.M.  
24.          “Save Me” (clean version)                              Nicki Minaj         
25.          “By Your Side”                                                  Sade     
26.          “Hold On” (radio mix)                                   Michael Bublé  
27.          “Pray” (acoustic)                                             Justin Bieber     
28.          “Make You Feel My Love”                            Adele   
29.          “If I Could Be Where You Are”                  Enya
30.          “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me”        Elton John          
31.          “Waiting on the World to Change”             John Mayer       
32.          “Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)  Queen
33.          “Use Somebody”                                               Kings of Leon    
34.          “Fragile” (live in Berlin)                                 Sting, Steven Mercurio,and the
                                                                                                Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
35.          “Better in Time”                                               Leona Lewis      
36.          “One in a Million”                                             Ne-Yo  
37.          “Whenever, Wherever”                                   Shakira                
38.          “Sunrise”                                                             Norah Jones      

You can buy this album to help the Tsunami victim in Japan.Many of the song in this album is a hit songs and you won’t regret if you buy this album.This is another alternative way to help Tsunami victim. =]


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